November 2018 Content Posted!

Hello one and all! Where did 2018 go, but also how long has this year even been? Get this; that TidePod thing where Gen Z lost their minds was THIS JANUARY. The world has aged in dog years in 2018.

Here at Content Creators Haven, where all of us are immune to the passage of time due to constant consumption of memes, there is new content coming down like cats and dogs! One of our new creators, Anthony or Thodyu, dropped a new album that’s linked over on Music Hall. Our illustrious artists have their work displayed in Artist Gallery.

All the streamers have been very busy, though holidays may account for different schedules so make sure you always check your favorites for new times! New videos are out from several YouTubers, and there is something exciting going on at Written Word!

We hope you all had a safe and happy Thanksgiving, and an even safer Black Friday. Going into December we hope to have fun for all, whether your winter wonderland is snowy or 75 degrees.