January 2019 Content Posted!

Hey content consumers! We have a fresh stock of art, games and writing for you! The harvest was bountiful this month; our Instagram and Discord have been blowing up with new and beautiful things (and people!)

PRAISE THE CREATIVE GODS, WE HAVE A NEW WRITER! Luna has been absolutely killing it with poetry this month, The Publisher section of Haven Discord has been ringing off the hook. No doubt publishing houses will be calling any day. Luna’s work, along with two of Kelly’s new poems, are on Written Word! Kelly also managed to drag herself across the 50,000 word finish line of National Novel Writing Month, and is currently looking for publishing opportunities!

Our artists have been unusually prolific this month, and we are delighted to see the results! We welcome Pixel as a New Creator (Luna shares in this venerated title as well), joining Catt and Llamas as our amazing artists. Elijah makes a triumphant return with a new piece, and we even had some art submissions from a viewer! All can be admired at Artist Gallery.

Nick and Alex continue to hammer away at game design, with Nick producing a small game and holding a competition over on Game Library until January 31, 2019. Go vote now! Alex has been developing a VR game, with updates on his progress building anticipation. Keep up the hard work, guys!

And if all this weren’t enough, the amount of cat pictures posted to the photography section of the Discord would melt anyone’s heart. A few of them, with some inspiring nature images, have been posted on Photo Gallery!

Of course, you can always feel free to ask us questions on Contact, and apply to be a New Creator there yourself! We hope everyone had a safe and memorable New Years, and we hope to make 2019 a phenomenal year for Haven!

New Game by CaptainGlasses!

Exciting news! Nick, aka CaptainGlasses, has put out his first game; FL.exe! You can download the file on Nick’s page or over on Game Library. However, be sure to download THE ENTIRE FOLDER; if you only download the .exe file, the game will not run.

Note: If you see this post within 30 minutes of publishing, we are still testing the run of the game. Troubleshooting makes perfect!