Sean – Sh0gan91

So you’ve stumbled upon my section of the site? Cool! I’m Sean. You can refer to me as such, or any username you see me playing under. I’m new to streaming on twitch and the area in which I intend to thrive under is entertainment. Sure, I play games like the majority of the site’s population, but I do what I can to make sure that the people taking time to check me out are getting something different when compared to every other stream they visit.

For instance, thirty minutes prior to my stream I play music. While people normally play whatever on their stream, I like to reach out to either people within the Haven community or sometimes have people who reach out to me for their tunes. What we end up listening to is music that THEY write and produce. I listen to a few tracks and fill that thirty minutes with good times. Not all music is for everyone but hey, it’s different and a neat way to promote people. Some people simply want the exposure but I generally make the offer to purchase any songs I’m interested in using. I write up a bit of info sectioned under my stream and list any social media as well store links towards the artist’s work. If you happen to be interested in having YOUR music played on my stream, HMU here @

Following the trend of working with the community, what I also like to do is interact with my viewer base. I accomplish this by not only talking to chat, but by setting up polls so it’s not just ME enjoying what I’m playing. Every once in a while (probably every other month/two months) I give YOU, the viewer, the opportunity to be involved in deciding what kind of game(s) we enjoy for the evening/span of time. Recently I’ve been using a 3rd party site for this, but I intend to make a switch to twitter; so keep an eye out and follow if you want to be up to date on what’s going on! I’d like to do giveaways as well in the future but only time will tell if we end up doing stuff along those lines.
Aside from that, I also have a YouTube channel. It is barren as all heck (as of 10/15/18) but following this event and all future streams, I intend to upload snippets of the stream as a sort of teaser/compilation; To be enjoyed by us as well as new people by giving viewers a taste of what has happened and what they can expect from this stream in the future. With that in mind I ALWAYS encourage people to clip my stream whether I look cool, stupid, funny, or all of the above!
Who knows where this will take us…

Welcome to Haven.

Twitch – Sh0gan91

YouTube – Midnight Sandwiches (Videos coming soon!)