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April 2019

Lost Soul

By Luna

Please believe me

By Kelly

March 2019

Park Bench (March edit

One Moment

One Moment, by Kelly

REd Rose

By Luna


First Tango In Buenos Aires

February 2019

Will there ever be

Will There Ever Be, by Kelly

Some Say

By Luna

Drawing Breath

Drawing Breath, By Kelly

Red ink

By Luna


Last Night, This Morning, By Kelly

January 2019

brightes light (l)

By Luna

hill of lost things

The Hill of Lost Things, by Kelly

don't deny the flame (l)

Don’t Deny the Flame, by Luna

getting better

Getting Better, by Kelly

secrets to the breeze (l)

Secrets to the Breeze, by Luna

November 2018

“I have not released anything during November because I am currently participating in National Novel Writing Month. You can check out my novel synopsis on my page, and I hope to release my novel XYZ on Haven within the next month!” – Kelly

October 2018




September 2018



August 2018

Phoenix Rising


And Have a Pleasant Tomorrow

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