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August 2019

Part 9 went live at Kelly’s site and on Tumblr!

July 2019


Part 8 is out Now! Check out A Wild West Experience, or visit Kelly’s Tumblr to read.


Pray excuse the cracks in the mirrors


The fractal shards of haunting traumas past.

A fading candle’s flame whispers in my ears,

Soon to gutter out if I don’t stand and face the fears.

Rose streaks the sky as day fades into the


And the demons come to call in hued


Hidden underneath the covers in the dark,

Eyes closed tight, anything to avoid their icy


Night wraps her wings round me in a soft


Feathers brush my skins as soft as lace,

She tells me in her quiet silky tone,

“It’s okay to be scared, you’re truly not alone.

Because every evening you’ve met their


And fought through to the dawn’s first

vibrant light.”

June 2019


Part 6 and 7 of A Wild West Experience are out now!

May 2019


Kelly has been writing A Wild West Experience, which you can find at A Significant Otter, her website, or her Tumblr! Join the Haven Discord for posts when a new part goes live!

Parts 1- 4 out now!


As the moonbeams cascade through

the windows glass,

And the minutes creep by coming close to

slumber’s grasp,

I lay here and think of you, and hope you’re

sleeping well,

Wishing I was there to help you as your

teardrops fell,

Not sure why these thoughts come drifting

through my mind,

I toss and turn, turmoil bubbling far deep


A war between the heart and the ever

thinking mind,

As I want to leave the bitter wounds and

scars behind.

And so as the moons litany pulls me off to


She sings a silent serenade and into my heart

peace creeps.

April 2019

Lost Soul

By Luna

Please believe me

By Kelly

March 2019

Park Bench (March edit

One Moment

One Moment, by Kelly

REd Rose

By Luna


First Tango In Buenos Aires

February 2019

Will there ever be

Will There Ever Be, by Kelly

Some Say

By Luna

Drawing Breath

Drawing Breath, By Kelly

Red ink

By Luna


Last Night, This Morning, By Kelly

January 2019

brightes light (l)

By Luna

hill of lost things

The Hill of Lost Things, by Kelly

don't deny the flame (l)

Don’t Deny the Flame, by Luna

getting better

Getting Better, by Kelly

secrets to the breeze (l)

Secrets to the Breeze, by Luna

November 2018

“I have not released anything during November because I am currently participating in National Novel Writing Month. You can check out my novel synopsis on my page, and I hope to release my novel XYZ on Haven within the next month!” – Kelly

October 2018




September 2018



August 2018

Phoenix Rising


And Have a Pleasant Tomorrow

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