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Some of our creators create the very medium the rest of us use every day – video games! Find our game library below!

January 2019

Nick and a friend held a friendly game-building competition, and need votes on who wins!

” We had 12 hours to design a game based off of randomly chosen themes and rules. The games are completed and need to be judged. I would like to invite everybody to judge our games. Below are two links. One will download the two games, and the other is the judgement sheet. Judge them however you see fit. On the 30th, judging will be stopped and the scores will be final.” – Nick

Links – Games

We will announce the winners in our Discord and on this page!

Nick also created Astriod, which you can download here!

FL.exe – Proof of concept (not yet a full game), choose your own adventure! Also it’s free so there’s that 🙂 Instructions for downloads are on this blog post.