Crystal Fauna

Crystal was, and remains in our hearts, a central part of the Haven community. She was an artist, a gamer, and a friend to all those who met her. She played a great deal of Rainbow Six Siege, Overwatch, and other games. She participated in Haven as an Artist, and her work can be found in the Artist Gallery, or below.

Crystal was an exceptional player. This is true in the sense of her skills,  but also in the sense that she refused to let the negative and often toxic online community taint her positivity. She was upbeat and supportive, especially when she was on the losing side. Crystal dealt with unimaginable struggles in her life, but her strength in uplifting others in such a community was unparalleled.

On September 29, 2019, Crystal passed away after a traffic accident. Her found family in Haven will always remember her as the kindest and most loving soul the world had ever seen, and we miss her dearly. As you look through her artwork, please take a moment to enjoy the product of a creative mind. We invite you to celebrate Crystal’s life, and continue her legacy of kindness, support, and compassion.