Hello, I am Catt or other known as Alisha by many others! I am a young artist striving to be the best I can and grow not as an artist but as person. Art has always been a passion for me ever since I set a finger on a pencil and I only gotten better and more knowledgeable of what I am doing. I love to create for the enjoyment of others and making people’s lives better and I want to put that into every piece I make. By the time I graduate college I have a desire to be a character designer and someone who works on books and animated shows for all ages.

As for what I make, I primarily design characters and create stories with only brush strokes, or whatever is on my mind! I am always looking for a challenge, only improving my abilities. So, if you ever need a starving artist with great passion and motivation, give me a call and I will be there.

Welcome to Haven.

Instagram: @diamond.petal