Aero – AeroUniversal

Hi, my name’s AeroUniversal (or Aero for short) and I’m a veteran streamer. I’ve been in the gaming scene with my introduction to WoW at age 7. After constant gaming on MMO’s and RTS’s I ended up finding YouTube back in 2008. After seeing channels creating content relating with games it fueled my motivation to do it myself. After many failed attempts at YouTube I moved to Twitch around 2011.

After streaming WoW for around 2 years, I picked up Hearthstone in its beta. I then ground that game to dust and was invited to a team. After pro-streaming Hearthstone I gave up for around another year and a half, leading up to early 2017 when my motivation started to creep back up on me. Leading us to the here and now; my stream has become a community focused project. With chat becoming the headlights and being an interactive streamer as my ideal, I’ve completely revamped my stream.

The fear of me burning out of streaming like with Hearthstone has haunted me for awhile. An idea came to me to just become a variety streamer and play what I feel like I’d enjoy. The growth would be immensely slower but I realized streaming should not be based on becoming famous but based on enjoying the stream. With those ideals in mind, my stream has become a fun, energy fueled center.

Everyone and anyone is welcome to join in and listen to my 80’s soundtrack and watch some bad gameplay. But all the while we will be leaning back and enjoying life as it’s presented. Please hop by anytime and just be apart of the festivities.

Welcome to Haven.

Twitch: AeroUniversal

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