Kelly – A Significant Otter

Hey there! My name is Kelly, and I run a website and a YouTube channel. I make some discussion videos and some gaming videos. My website is mostly centered around my blog, but I have pages for my writing, photography, and video links. It’s called A Significant Otter in honor of one of my favorite animals (and my college mascot, but that’s a distant second). I also had a radio show on campus, This Goes Out To.

I’m hoping that I can become an employed journalist (I know, shocking) in the next few months, and I am looking for some outlets for publishing poetry. Writing is the way I can best express myself; I can’t do math to save my life but I can write you a poem about how much I hate it!

I hope you enjoy our Haven, and please do check out everyone’s pages. You might find something you really enjoy! Don’t forget to take a look at the sidebar on some pages for our latest Instagram posts, and scroll on over to “Contact” for any questions you have!

Welcome to Haven.

Website: A Significant Otter

Writing: Written Works

Twitch: BadgerPride96

Youtube Channel: Kelly Rose

Most recent video: Is This Flirting?? – Siege Funtage

New novel for NaNoWriMo! Here’s my synopsis:

“Marvel Ellington and Asher Lovett don’t really know each other. They grew up in different countries, they look nothing alike and they have extremely differing opinions on Los Angeles. The one thing they have in common is their genetics; both were engineered with a new fabrication of science that will create super-human abilities. Not even the geneticists who engineered their lives know what will happen to them, or how their abilities will show themselves.

The problem is, Asher and Marvel were never supposed to meet. They shouldn’t be as connected as they are, but a chance meeting turns their world upside down. They embark on a journey to find out why they were made, by who, and what exactly two teenagers can do in a world that might never accept those who are different.”

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