April 2019 Content Posted!

Heeelllllloooooo! March and April seemed to fly by, but spring brought us a host of new art, photos, cosplays, writing, and good times! We would like to start off by thanking all of our creators who put forth so much wonderful content every month, and who make the Haven discord server a happy, supportive, and informative space. We love you guys!

Over the last two months, the artists of Haven have been extremely busy. So busy, in fact, several Instagram posts were needed to contain all their work! We had art trades, new mediums, and excellent examples of all our artists’ handiwork. Two new artists joined our ranks in the past two months; welcome Crystal and Kat! You can find their work in the March and April Artist Gallery posts!

These past months also saw more outstanding photography in Photo Gallery. There were magical pictures of Disneyland, majestic cityscapes,and two new cosplays (Commander Shepard from Mass Effect and Poison Ivy). You can find all these pictures in Photo Gallery! Our writers have also been scribbling furiously, with several new poems and one or two short stories thrown in!

One last message; in March, Haven turned 1. We are so incredibly proud of what we have built, both here on the website and over on Discord. When we began this project in 2018, it was just a small idea of Gio and Kelly’s to put all our nerds in one place where they could support and encourage each other. The result has been one of the best and most rewarding experiences of our lives. From long nights spent precisely editing hex codes or color coding server roles to welcoming New Creators every month and seeing our members swell to triple digits, we have had so much fun. We are seeing our friends prosper and share the mediums they love,  and that is truly amazing. Here’s to Year One, and to so many more in the future!

-Kelly and Gio


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