Tournament Announcement!

Very exciting news from us here at CCH! There will be a server-wide Rainbow 6 Siege tournament next Tuesday, July 10, at 7:00 PM EST  (4:00 Pacific). Several of our streamers will have the tournament live on Twitch as they compete, and we will have a list of those streamers coming soon! To participate in the chat and meet the Creators, please join the CCH Discord Server, the link to which can be found over on Contact.

Further updates; Melon, ruler of the Melon Kingdom and mighty Twitch streamer, has recently applied for Twitch Affiliate and has been making us all incredibly proud! Congratulations Melon! Don’t forget about the little people on your rise to power ❤

Lastly, we would like to thank all of our followers on WordPress and Instagram for your generous support and kindness. We are still a fledgling group, but with your interest we are building a true community. Our server has over 50 members as of June, we are gaining a small but present following on WordPress, and Instagram has been treating us well. We are excited to see where the future, and you, will lead us. Thank you so much!

-The Founders

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